Headlight Revolution

2019 Dodge Ram

The new fifth-generation Ram truck, released by FCA in late 2018 is available with 3 different headlight options, and 2 different tail light options. If your truck came from the dealer with traditional style halogen headlight, fog light and tail light housings, we have all the high-end LED and HID options you need to upgrade your styling and brightness. For ALL versions of the new model Ram trucks we have other off-road and auxiliary lighting. We've tested everything available today to bring you the best of the best and brightest options!


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2019 Ram 1500 OEM LED Tail Lights


This is a special order item and as such cannot be returned!   19+ Ram OEM LED Tail Lights  Includes passenger and driver side. Plug and play for 1500 models only. Part Numbers: Driver's Side Part Number: 68262532AGPassenger's Side Part...

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