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Terms of Service

Headlight Revolution
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When you do business with Headlight Revolution and use this website, you are required to acknowledge and abide by these terms of service:

The majority of products we sell are considered Custom Lighting for automobiles. Many of the products we sell may or may not be for off road use only, or for show purposes only. If you choose to purchase and install the products sold here it is your personal responsibility to ensure they are allowed for on-road use in your local jurisdiction. It is wholly your responsibility to determine if the product you purchase from Headlight Revolution is safe to use, legal for on-road use and creates a street legal beam pattern and/or function.

Credit Card Orders
To minimize fraud, Headlight Revolution only ships to billing addresses listed on our customer’s credit card. Secondary shipping addresses may be added to your credit card by contacting your credit card provider. If you would like special accommodation, please email us.

International Orders
Headlight Revolution regularly ships to customers all over the world. For a shipping quote simply add the product to the cart and begin the checkout process. All customers located outside of North America must pay by bank wire transfer if the order is priced above a certain point. Please complete checkout with a credit card and we will contact you with more details. Credit card orders will be accepted on follow-up purchases at Headlight Revolution discretion. Customers are responsible for their respective country’s imposed fees and/or duties on imported items. Headlight Revolution has no way of accurately assessing what your potential customs duties or other associated costs, charges, or liabilities may be and those expenses are entirely borne by you as the customer.

Special Orders & Made-to-Order Products
All products that are ordered on a pre-paid made-to-order basis or are not regularly stocked in the USA by the manufacturer or distributor are considered “special orders”. All special orders must be paid in full prior to starting the order. Special order payments are non-refundable. If items are damaged in shipping please contact the shipping company immediately and file a claim. This is not something we can do for you. If you are dissatisfied with the item in any way such as appearance, functionality, etc. Headlight Revolution will do everything it can to assist you in seeking assistance from the manufacturer. We guarantee that all products we sell are genuine and in new condition unless explicitly marked as blemished or used.

Refunds & Exchanges
When you buy something from a Headlight Revolution store, you agree to our policy about returns, exchanges and refunds as outlined below:
Our goal in sales is to help you get the right product the first time, but if something doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to, we want to be here for you to make sure you get your money back or the right product that fits your needs! Please contact us before sending in a product for return. It always makes the process go more smoothly!

Refund/Return Policy:
Step #1: Return Authorization: Our website doesn't do a great job at automating returns, so please contact us first so we can help facilitate your return. We will email you a form that you can fill out and send back to us with the items you don't want or need. This form will tell us who the item(s) are from, what was wrong, and what you want us to do with them. If you don't send us the form, your return process will be slow and painful.
Step #2: Refund, Repair or Exchange: We accept returns for exchange, repair or refund 30 calendar days after delivery of the product. Shipping charges are not eligible for credit or refund. Also, if you need to send something back we do not pay for shipping.
**To be eligible for a refund: Items must be in "new, unaltered and unused condition". Refunds are contingent upon inspection of item(s) once we receive them.
**To be eligible for a repair: Item must have a repair warranty option with the manufacturer. Not all items can be repaired.
**To be eligible for an exchange: Items must be returned within the 30 day time period and you will be given store credit to be used to purchase something else. Items must be in "new, unaltered and unused condition". You can replace a product with a different product by paying the difference in price, or trading it in for something cheaper and receiving a partial refund.

Definition of new, unaltered and unused condition is:
*Without showing signs of wear or damage in any way.
*Product must be in original, resalable packaging.
*If an item has been installed, it is no longer new even if it was only installed for a short time.

NOTICE ABOUT REFUNDS: If the dollar amount of your return is $200 or greater we reserve the right to send you a check in the mail instead of a credit card refund. We do this because if we refund your credit card we will be charged again by the processing company another 2.5 - 5% depending on the type of credit card you used. It doesn't make sense for us to have to pay to send you your money back. A check in the mail is free. We hope you understand!

We listened to our customers’ requests and decided to stop charging a 15% re-stocking fee. If you follow the above guidelines we will not charge a re-stocking fee. However, if you want to return a damaged, or used item for refund you may only receive a partial refund. Full refunds are only available on new, un-installed merchandise. If you install the product and decide you no longer want it, please do not send it back to us. Post it for sale used on eBay or a forum to help your fellow enthusiasts.

How can I get a replacement for something that failed?
Please troubleshoot by switching components from side-to-side to isolate the problem, individually such as just the bulbs, then just the ballasts, etc. Once you have clearly identified which component failed, please contact us by phone or email for the next step of warranty replacement. For lighting products only, the defective part is replaced. If an item is discontinued by the manufacturer, its warranty is not void, but the part will be replaced with that product's current equivalent. No refunds or credit will be issued in lieu of replacements. Some parts (such as OEM parts, JW Speaker parts, and Off-Road Lighting parts) may need to be returned to their manufacturer’s warranty service center for testing before we can offer our customers a refund, replacement, or exchange.

Shipping & Damage
Upon the arrival of your items, inspect everything thoroughly, even if packaging is intact, before signing the delivery receipt. If the box is damaged in any way, take photos and notate the damage when receiving the item. If you are unable to officially notate the damage with the shipping carrier at the time of delivery you must reject the package. If there is damage and you cannot reject the shipment, you need to call the shipping company. We here at Headlight Revolution can not help you file a damage claim. It is up to the recipient to do so. When you call the shipping company (DHL, Spee Dee Delivery, USPS, Fedex…) they will walk you through a process of collecting insurance on the package.

Once signed as undamaged, any freight damage claim is null and void and we can do nothing to help you. Additionally, please note that items cannot be insured for more than the stated value. If you need to process a damage claim, action must be taken within 72 hours of delivery. After 72 hours, refunds, reorders and claims cannot be processed. All shipped items are fully insured. Headlight Revolution will not be held responsible for the outcome of the claim, although we will assist you to the furthest extent possible.

We will do everything in our power to assist you if you happen to experience damage to a shipment from a third party, however TLG has no control over packaging, shipping or damage claims for any shipment sent by a third party to the customer.

Shipping & Order Delivery Information
PLEASE NOTE: Just because you choose “next day air” doesn’t mean you will necessarily have the package the next day. Sometimes there is a processing / wait time, before an item ships. If you’re concerned about this, please contact us prior to ordering. We can be contacted by social media, email and phone.

All of our stores provide the same shipping options:
USA Contiguous States:
Flat Rate $9 UPS Surepost
Free UPS Surepost on orders above $99
Live calculated rates for UPS Ground, UPS 3rd Day Air and UPS Next-Day Air

USA Hawaii and Alaska:
Free UPS Standard Shipping on orders above $400
Live calculated rates for UPS Ground, UPS 3rd Day Air and UPS Next-day Air

USA Territories Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, and US Virgin Islands:
Flat Rate UPS Standard: $40

$20 Flat Rate: USPS
Live calculated rates for UPS Standard and UPS Worldwide Express Saver 1-3 Business Days
*Extra handling and duty fees will be charged to your account by UPS and USPS.

Russian Federation:
$140 Flat Rate UPS Worldwide Express Saver

International / All Countries:
Live Calculated Rates: UPS Worldwide Express Saver 1-3 Business Days

All packages have insurance worth up to $100 automatically. Any shipment above $500 value will be insured for the actual value. If a package has a signature required for delivery and you cannot be there to sign, please contact UPS and schedule a delivery at your convenience.

Lost Packages:
If you do not receive your package and the tracking information shows that the package has been delivered you must notify us within twenty-one days of the marked delivery date so that we can initiate a lost package tracer with the shipping carrier you have originally selected. Replacement products will not be sent until the shipping carrier completes the tracer request and grants permission for replacement product to be shipped. UPS typically requires up to eight business days from the time the claim is started. USPS can require from 30 to 90 business days, and this may vary depending on your country/destination. Please note that this is the policy of the shipping carriers and not of Top Line Group, LLC. TLG does not guarantee that any packages will be credited by the shipping carrier until this process is complete. Unless you selected the insurance option at checkout, refunds and/or replacements will not be given unless the carrier approves your lost package claim.

The Top Line Group, LLC websites contain many thousands of products. All of the prices are entered manually and accurately at the time of entry. Due to the consistently fluctuating price changes by different brands, at times prices may not be able to be honored at their original intended rate. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, unfortunately our website is unable to compensate dynamically for what can at times be volatile changes in the cost of items due to currency values fluctuating, changes in prices from suppliers, changes in shipping and import duties, and other factors. If in the event your order cannot be fulfilled at the original intended website price we will offer you a 100% refund, no questions asked. We will continue to do our best to maintain updated prices and we will always continue to offer our price match guarantees as well to ensure our prices are always the best for you. In short, prices may change without notice. It is always advised to give us a call prior to placing your order online to confirm availability and to confirm current pricing. As all technology is not perfect, if our website has a technical software glitch causing an incorrect price we reserve the right to cancel the order, refund your payment, and not honor the incorrect pricing listed.

How do I open a wholesale account with a Top Line Group, LLC store?
We have a website store specifically designed for wholesale customers / resellers / dealers. Please visit our 12v Lighting Wholesale store here and complete the application:

Offroad Use Only and Local Vehicle Regulations
Some of the parts for sale have been designed for and are intended for off-highway application only. Federal and many State laws prohibit the removal, modification, or rendering inoperable of any device or element of design affecting vehicle emission or safety in a vehicle used on public highways. Violation of such laws may subject the owner or user to a fine or penalty. Installation of some parts may void the warranty coverage, if any, on your vehicle. Vehicles modified by use of performance parts and aftermarket lighting technologies may no longer be lawfully used on public highways. Headlight Revolution and it’s subdivisions take no responsibility for the individual customer’s use of such products as all products are sold for offroad use only for racing or show vehicles. Headlight Revolution has no knowledge of or responsibility for informing you of your local road or off road usage laws. All products may or may not be legal for road use or track use in your local jurisdiction.

Product Warranty
All merchandise sold by Headlight Revolution stores are only subject to the manufacturer's warranty and conditions, if any. Processing of manufacturer warranty must be completed directly with the manufacturer and will be up to the decision of each product manufacturer. These manufacturer’s warranties are subject to change at any time without notice and the information listed on a Headlight Revolution website store may not be up to date. If this is the case, only the actual manufacturer’s listed warranty at the time of purchase will be honored if our store displays incorrect information. All merchandise is subject only to manufacturer warranty, Headlight Revolution does not offer or imply any additional warranty on any products which we distribute outside of the manufacturer's policy for warranty. No labor, shipping, currency losses, fees or inconvenience may be included in any claims. All orders placed with Headlight Revolution and its affiliates (,,,, and any other property) by phone, internet/web and e-mail constitute the acknowledgement and acceptance of all conditions listed on this page. If you have any questions or wish to clarify or dispute any of these policies this must be done in writing in advance of any order. These policies and procedures are subject to change at any time without notice.