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real headlight revolution review

"I'm not one for leaving many reviews but my recent purchase from HR requires I do so. I didn't want to spend $150 on the S-V.4's so I bought a couple LED lights from Ebay, they look about the same and are half the price, however, they were a defective set. Great service in replacing them with another defective set. Wel I spent 6 weeks with fluttering LEDs that created noise in my radio. Finally gave in and bought the V.4 LEDs. If I would have started there, I wouldn't have left a review at all because I wouldn't have realized how GREAT they really are. These lights are adjustable, bright (without blinding others) and simply work. So instead of $150 to begin with, I spent over $230 to get what I could have bought for $150. Let alone all o fthe frustration and time of returning the other sets twice. SO learn from my mistakes, start here and you won't be disappointed."

--Jim Gerkin