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In the Headlight Revolution Headlight Workshop we offer our customers an opportunity to give original or stock headlights a totally custom appearance! We can open up and modify your original headlight housings to give them an aftermarket look with custom paint, LED accents, LED halos, switchback strips or a projector retrofit. We can also open up aftermarket headlights from almost any brand such as Starr HID, JW Speaker, Truck-Lite, Vision X, Pilot, United Pacific and Anzo. If you want a custom quote please contact us!

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Morimoto Bi-LED: M-LED Projectors

$400.00 $370.00

Output: We'll just start with the hotspot. It's on par with the Mini D2S 4.0 and a XB 45K Bulb / XB55 ballast, and about 20% brighter than it's closest LED-based competitor: the i-lens. The Kuria optic clear lens and curved cutoff shield produce a beam...

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2014 - 2019 Toyota 4Runner RetroQuik Kit


2014 - 2018 Toyota 4Runner RETRO-QUICK The stock side-entry H11 projector in the 4Runner has long since been its hang-up for a true winner. Luckily for you, the Morimoto Retro-Quik system is designed as a direct bolt-on upgrade for a big performance...

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