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S-V.4 LED H3 Bulbs


SOLD AS A PAIR OF BULBS (this price gets you 2 LED bulbs) Cutting-Edge LED Chip Technology: We challenge you to find another bulb on the market that produces as much light as the S-V.4 while still retaining a perfect beam pattern! The S-V.4...

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GTR Lighting

GTR Lighting Ultra Series LED Bulbs - H3 (CX)

$199.00 $89.00

As of November 2019 the new version of the Ultra Series bulbs have been released – now is your chance to get the original Ultra bulbs at a discounted price! These are great bulbs for cars and trucks and 2-3x brighter than your old halogen...

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GTR Lighting

GTR Lighting CSP Mini LED H3 Bulbs


The GTR Lighting CSP Mini LED bulb was designed with two main ideas in mind: #1: Perfect Fitment into any housing - specially designed to closely mimic the size and shape of your original halogen light bulb for maximum capability! #2:...

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Vision X

Vision X H3 100 WATT Headlight Bulb Set

$19.00 $15.20

  SOLD IN PAIRS!The H Series of Vision X blue-tinted halogen replacement bulbs (e.g. VX-H9005) are designed to be direct factory replacement bulbs and come with a standard warranty. The blue tint allows for a whiter light output over stock, but the...

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GTR Lighting

GTR Lighting 35w/55w Single Beam HID Bulbs, H3


GTR Lighting 35w/55w Single Beam HID Bulbs, H3   Brand new One Pair (2 bulbs) of GTR Lighting 12V Single Beam H3 HID replacement bulbs for 35 Watt or 55 Watt HID Conversion Kits. These are genuine xenon gas filled HID Bulbs that require a ballast to...

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Morimoto H3: 2Stroke 2.0 LED Bulbs


Dime a Dozen: Everybody wants H3 LED bulbs today, but for all the wrong reasons. The diverse marketing tactics and the numbers war that's pushed onto ill-advised consumers is only getting more and more amusing to guys like us who actually know better...

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