Headlight Revolution

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Vision X


$26.91 $21.53

LED Color: 6"000K White  The Vision X 1.2" round HIL-DW features rugged LED pod, a wide flood beam pattern that offers you a very wide amount of light with not as much distance, and a chrome housing. The HIL-DW comes with a standard warranty, weighs...

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Xenon Depot

Xenon Depot H7 PWM HID/LED Kit Module


XenonDepot PWM HID kit Fix H13 Light bulb Application The magic little box that you've been looking for if you're installing an HID kit in a vehicle equipped with PWM (pulse-width-modulation) headlight technology. Newer vehicles use PWM technology to...

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Xenon Depot XTR HID Bulbs - H1


H1 HID bulb - HID bulbs designed specifically for H1 headlight and fog light bulb replacements. Inserting HID bulbs into halogen designed H1 bases requires extreme accuracy. Each XenonDepot H1 HID bulb is laser aligned into it’s P14.5s (H1) so...

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Osram D1S: XENARC 66140 CBB Bulbs (7000K)


PRODUCT DETAILS BEST OF THE BEST: Osram's CBI and CBH bulbs are top performers in their category, with an amazing amount of white bright paired with max luminosity; they're topped only by the Osram CBB (Cool Blue Boost) AKA the cream of...

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Rigid Industries

Rigid Industries 202113 D-Series PRO | Flood | Pair

$199.99 $189.99

The D-Series has always been the most versatile compact lighting package on the market today. RIGID has just made it professional grade with the D-Series PRO, which offers more light output than ever before thanks to recent advancements in LED technology...

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Vehicle Specific

2018+ Ford F-150 Ultra HID Kit (Fog Lights)


2018 Ford F-150 HID Fog Light Conversion Kit  Super Fast Start-Up Ballast Are you sick of  a slow ballast warm-up time? The GTR Lighting Slim PWM has an instant startup like new OEM ballasts of only 0.1s with full brightness reached at 9s...

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