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LED Light Bars are the biggest thing to hit the truck and off-road scene since the lift kit! If you want more light there is no better way to get it than installing a super bright light bar on your rig! Great for work, play and hunting - if you need help picking out the right light bar for your next project please contact us. We have everything from the best of the best brands like Vision X and Rigid Industries, to more economical options like Headlight Revolution and Heretic Studio.

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Headlight Revolution

HR LED Light Bar Relay Wire Harness


If you are installing an LED light bar from Headlight Revolution, you can make your own wire harness or use ours. This relay harness is heavy duty enough to handle the current draw requirements of the largest Headlight Revolution LED light bars. So, one...

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Diode Dynamics

Diode Dynamics Stage Series 6" U Bracket


This U-bracket is designed for use with the 6-inch Stage Series Light Bars, offering an alternative mounting method for custom installations. See images for exact dimensions. Key features include: - Holds a 6-inch Stage Series Lightbar. - Highly...

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Headlight Revolution

HR 300w 32" Dual Row Projector LED Light Bar


The HR line of off-road LED Light bars are the perfect mix of intense light and affordable cost. The new projector-style optic lens over each German-Made OSRAM LED Chip creates a super long-distance beam pattern without sacrificing width. This unique...

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Gravity LED Pro6 Light Bar (39"/6-Ring)

$1,511.99 $1,299.99

Current lead time on orders for KCHiLiTES is 2-3 weeks. KC’s new Pro6 LED Light Bar is an LED off-road lighting system unlike any you’ve seen before. The Pro6 is engineered to take lighting visibility to new heights while being configurable...

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Morimoto Light Bar Relay Harness


Reality Check: Customers often ask, Do I really need a harness? Yes! A relay harness is designed to deliver steady voltage to your light bar directly from the car battery. Nobody likes a flickering light bar, so why risk it? Factory wiring just isn't...

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