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JW Speaker LED Light Bars

JW Speaker is world renowned for producing some of the best LED headlights and signal lights. Did you know they also make off-road and on-road light bars? In fact they made the model 9049-3M street legal before anyone else did - yes even before Rigid Industries came out with their road legal light bar! If you want a light bar to match the JW Speaker headlights and fog lights on your Jeep, please check out the video we made showing off these amazing products.

JW Speaker LED Light Bars

JW Speaker

JW Speaker Model 9049F-12V LED 6-Mod Lightbar


40" LED Light Bars: The largest of our light bar options, the Model 9049-6M features six Model 6048 auxiliary lights. This light bar produces an impressive 3,960 Effective Lumens of bright, white light in either a flood or driving beam pattern...

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