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LED Light Bars By Size

LED Light Bars are the biggest thing to hit the truck and off-road scene since the lift kit! If you want more light there is no better way to get it than installing a super bright light bar on your rig! Great for work, play and hunting - if you need help picking out the right light bar for your next project please contact us. We have everything from the best of the best brands like Vision X and Rigid Industries, to more economical options like Headlight Revolution and Heretic Studio.

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JW Speaker

JW Speaker Model 9049F-12V LED 6-Mod Lightbar


40" LED Light Bars: The largest of our light bar options, the Model 9049-6M features six Model 6048 auxiliary lights. This light bar produces an impressive 3,960 Effective Lumens of bright, white light in either a flood or driving beam pattern...

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