Headlight Revolution

LED License Plate Bulbs

Upgrade your traditional style license plate bulbs with these high power LED options. They are plug and play and can increase your light output by 5-20 times the light output!


Osram LEDriving T10 / 194 LED Bulbs


Product Details Endless: Options in the T10 category doesn't mean making the right choice should be difficult. It doesn't get any more legit than this! Brand new from Osram, their LEDriving upgrade bulbs are sure standouts for T10 fitments with...

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Philips X-treme Vision T10 / 194 LED Bulbs


Product Details Euro Spec: Brand new from Philips, their X-Treme Vision T10 LED bulbs are so new and so great that we Americans can't even get them yet. Don't worry though, TRS has you covered! High Tech: Two-piece construction mates ceramic and...

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BACK IT UP: Up front we’ve already got bright low beams. High beams, and fog lights…But too often overlooked is our ability to see well while backing up in the dark. While there are plenty of LED bulb upgrades out there for stock reverse...

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