Headlight Revolution

GTR Lighting CSP Mini

The GTR Lighting CSP Mini LED bulb was designed with two main ideas in mind: 1) Perfect Fitment into any headlight housing - specially designed to closely mimic the size and shape of your original halogen light bulb for maximum capability! 2) Perfect Beam Pattern due to the alignment and design of the low-profile copper PCB and Philips Z ES "CSP" style LED chips. This LED configuration creates a similar light output profile as compared with the original filament bulb for an accurate beam pattern.

16 Watts Per Bulb, 2,500 Lumens Per Bulb (raw), 1.26 amps Power Draw at 14VDC Per Bulb, Input voltage: 9-16V DC, Color temperature: 6,000K

Warranty: 2 Years from purchase date, not transferable.