Headlight Revolution

GTR Lighting Ultra

These original GTR Lighting Ultra Series LED headlight bulbs were released in December of 2017 and were quickly honored as being the brightest LED headlight bulb upgrade available. These new bulbs are called part of the "Ultra Series" from GTR Lighting and have a strong focus on being ultra bright, ultra reliable and ultra precise. Their unique "filament-shaped" LED configuration allows them to focus the beam more like the original bulbs thus creating a brighter and better light output.

GTR Lighting

GTR Lighting Ultra Series LED Bulbs - H3 (CX)


As of November 2019 the new version of the Ultra Series bulbs have been released – now is your chance to get the original Ultra bulbs at a discounted price! These are great bulbs for cars and trucks and 2-3x brighter than your old halogen...

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