Headlight Revolution

Vehicle Specific HID Kits

At just over two decades old, HID lighting technology is well matured and still outperforms LED!

Shop our selection of universal and vehicle-specific GTR Lighting and Morimoto Elite HID systems--those we've determined are the best on the market!

Up to 4,000+ lumens per bulb, your choice of 35w or 55w, and your choice of bulb coolors round out the kit options.

Warranty: 3-5 Years (Morimoto), Lifetime (GTR Lighting), not transferable.

Vehicle Specific

2018+ Ford F-150 Ultra HID Kit (Fog Lights)


2018 Ford F-150 HID Fog Light Conversion Kit  Super Fast Start-Up Ballast Are you sick of  a slow ballast warm-up time? The GTR Lighting Slim PWM has an instant startup like new OEM ballasts of only 0.1s with full brightness reached at 9s...

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