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PAR36 4.5" Round Passing Lamps

If your motorcycle uses a 4.5" round light on either side of the headlamp housing, you've probably got the standard size PAR36 driving/passing lamp. JW Speaker, Vision X, and Truck-Lite all make matching sets: 7" Round Headlight + 4.5" Round Passing Lights. If this is the setup you have, please contact us for wiring information if you don't already know how to install them.



Truck-Lite 80275 PAR36 4.5" Round LED Fog Light

$119.00 $89.00

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY This driving light will replace any 4.5" round (or sometimes called PAR36) style lamp housing. Each LED light is a single beam system. This light will replace any 4.5" Round sealed beam automotive or motorcycle style light. Provides a...

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