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If you want to ditch the original look and feel of your ride and get a set of wild aftermarket headlight housings, you've come to the right place! Pick a brand of housing and check out what's available. Some have halos and LED accents, some are DOT approved for HID lights. If you need help picking out the right set, just contact us for assistance.

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Vision X

Vision X 4x6" Headlight Housing [H4651/H4656]

$81.25 $65.00

SOLD IN PAIRS! DOT APPROVED Why Buy Vision X Housings:Sealed Beam Replacements from Vision X are designed to give your rig an updated look as well as 30% more light output over the factory housing due to advanced reflector technology. Why Buy Vision X...

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Morimoto Sealed6 Bi-LED Headlight (5x7")


About these parts: Sold individually, most applications will need a quantity of 2. Plug and play replacement for all H6054 original glass sealed beam headlights, also known as 5x7 or 7x6. About the fitment: Stock light depth, stock mounting points along...

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Truck-Lite 80275 PAR36 4.5" Round LED Fog Light

$119.00 $89.00

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY This driving light will replace any 4.5" round (or sometimes called PAR36) style lamp housing. Each LED light is a single beam system. This light will replace any 4.5" Round sealed beam automotive or motorcycle style light. Provides a...

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