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OEM HID Headlight Bulb Replacements

Whether you've got a burnt out bulb and need a replacement, or if you want to change the look and color of your headlights, or are trying to find the best and brightest OEM HID bulb out there, we have a huge selection! If you need help picking out the type of bulbs you need please contact us!


Starr HID 35w OEM-Style D1S 5,000K HID Kit

$200.00 $150.00

This is the HID kit that is used in every Starr HID headlight system. It has these items included: x2 35w D1S OEM Style HID Ballastsx2 35w D1S OEM Style 5,000K  HID Bulbsx2 Bulb to Ballast Cables The STARR HID brand of HID ballasts and bulbs can...

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Osram D2S Xenarc 66240 CBI Bulbs (6000K)


Product Details Amazing: What makes them so amazing? Osram's Cool Blue Intense bulbs offer more lumens than the once industry-standard Philips 85122+ 4300K bulb, but with a higher Kelvin rating of up to 6000K. Whereas most bulbs lose lumens when their...

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Osram Xenarc D4S 66440 CBI HID Bulbs (5500K)


Product Details The Best: An instant success story, the Osram Cool Blue Intense "CBI" series of HID Lamps has easily out-performed the competitors in all aspects. We're excited to announce that they are now available in a Mercury-free version...

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Philips D4R 42406 HID Bulbs


Product Details OEM Quality: Philips 42406 : The industry standard by which all other D4R bulbs are measured! Original-Equipment in many Japanese vehicles from Toyota, Lexus, and Subaru, they're good enough to please anyone. OEM Spec: As the...

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