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If you're looking for an HID conversion kit, replacement HID ballasts, or OEM style HID bulbs, we have a huge selection ahead! If you need help pinpointing the right product for your next project, please contact us! Looking for vehicle specific HID kits? We have those too!

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GTR Lighting

GTR Lighting 35w/55w Single Beam HID Bulbs, H7


GTR Lighting 35w/55w Single Beam HID Bulbs, H7   Brand new One Pair (2 bulbs) of GTR Lighting 12V Single Beam H7 HID replacement bulbs for 35 Watt or 55 Watt HID Conversion Kits. These are genuine xenon gas filled HID Bulbs that require a ballast to...

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Radio Static Reducer Rings


What's Included: 2 Clip-On Ferrite Coils, fits up to a 1/4" cable. Sensitive: Electronic devices produce certain frequencies that may disturb other electronics that are sensitive to those frequencies. It doesn't matter if it's a household appliance or in...

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GTR Lighting

GTR Lighting H13 Style 50W Resistor T-Harness


Plug-N-Play H13/9008 Style Resistor Harness These pigtail resistors are used to help cancel out the CANBUS errors you may get when installing aftermarket HID or LED Headlights in your vehicle.   Wire Length: 13"   What's included:1 H13 Adapter...

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