Headlight Revolution

Headlight Revolution Representative Program

Thanks for your interest in becoming a brand representative for Headlight Revolution!

Representing Headlight Revolution is about more than free stuff; we're looking for good candidates to represent our company. We're not looking for just a one way relationship, we want to build strong relationships that are mutually beneficial. Our goal is to find people passionate about their vehicles, use Headlight Revolution products, and who love sharing their projects on social media.  In the Headlight Revolution Representative Program, we hook you up with exclusive discounts to help you build the vehicle projects your social media followers love!

What we look for in a Headlight Revolution Representative:

Honest and humble.
Existing social media presence. (Facebook, Instagram, blog, or YouTube)
Ability to create quality content. (High-quality photos or videos)
Must have at least one Headlight Revolution product installed in your vehicle.
Must be enthusiastic about Headlight Revolution.

When accepted to the Headlight Revolution Representative Program you'll receive:
Exclusive Headlight Revolution discounts to get your next install started.
Shareable discounts for yourself and to give to your social media friends and followers.
Opportunities to test our new products and give feedback.
Headlight Revolution swag pack.

We genuinely appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in wanting to represent Headlight Revolution. We wouldn't be here without people like you and we're thankful that you're taking the time to contact us. With that being said, Headlight Revolution Representative positions are limited and it would be impossible to give them to all who apply. Please completely fill out the contact form below. In the "Details" section leave us some information about yourself, and provide links to your current social media profiles. (Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram Profile, blog address, etc.)

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