Headlight Revolution

9012 / HIR2

These bulbs come in different styles and power levels, some good for fog lights or accent lights, and some bright enough for headlights!

These 9012 bulbs cross reference as compatible with these other part numbers:
9006, HB4, 9012, HIR2


Morimoto 9012 XB HID Bulbs


No Comparison: When it comes to HID bulbs, Morimoto has always brought us the best in the aftermarket, and their latest examples are no exception. Sure we think the options from Philips and Osram are great too, but when it comes to bang for the buck -...

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Xenon Depot

Xenon Depot XTR HID Bulbs - 9012


9012 HID bulb - HID bulbs designed specifically for 9012 headlight and fog light bulb replacements. Inserting HID bulbs into halogen designed 9012 bases requires extreme accuracy. Each XenonDepot 9012 HID bulb is laser aligned into it’s PX22d...

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