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Our Mission Statement:
To discover the world's best automotive lighting, educate consumers on technology, and offer world-class, enthusiast-based sales and service.
We are driven by the exciting power of technology to increase brightness, visibility, and style.

500% Brighter Headlights

Here is one video example (2015 GMC Sierra 55w HID Headlight Install) where we increased the headlight brightness (LUX) from 1,020 Lux to 5,100 Lux.
Here is another video example (2018 Ford F150 HID Headlight Upgrades) where we increased the brightness from 960 lux to 3,070 lux (measured brightness) which is a 400+% increase in light output! We can do with this with state of the art 55w HID conversion kits that we test and install on many vehicles. We've proven it over and over again! If you use an LED bulb it's possible to get up to 100-300% brightness increase on different applications, and a 35w HID can get you as much as 300% increase in brightness. We're the experts! If you want to learn about what's best for your vehicle, please contact us!

10+ Years of Service

Headlight Revolution is part of the Headlight Revolution family and we've been around since 2008. Thanks to our awesome customers, our focus on educating people on lighting technology, and our strong commitment to customer service, we've experienced massive growth in the last decade. Every year we offer more and more lighting products, and more and more vehicle specific applications. We are making new industry connections with leading lighting manufacturers all the time in order to offer the best lighting in the world at the best prices possible. 

Worldwide: 50+ Countries Sold

If you look at the map at the bottom of this page you'll see markers around the USA, Canada and worldwide that indicate new orders placed by our customers in just the last 12 months! We've been in business for over a decade and have been doing business around the world since day one. We are skilled at serving the international community, so if you have questions about anything please don't hesitate to ask.

300+ LED Headlight Bulbs Tested

Here is one video where we tested 15 brands of LED headlight bulbs... but we tested over 50 in order to pick out the best and most interesting ones to showcase in that video! Here's another video where we go through 20 others to show the differences and what you should look for.

Since then we've tested more and more and more. By the end of the year we should reach the 350 LED bulb mark in terms of testing. When we test we look at things like vehicle fitment, multi-housing beam pattern quality, heat dissipation, heat related brightness decay, Lumen, Max Lux, Lux Spread, color and CANBUS / PWM integration. When we talk about being the experts, this is why! We've done our research, our testing, and have had our hands on more LED headlight bulbs than anyone! We know what's out there, we know what's good and we know what's not!

3,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Between Google, Facebook, BBB and our website product reviews we have well over 3,000 5-star ratings! Let alone 4-star that we didn't count! People love us and there's a reason! We are truly dedicated to truth, education, and customer service. People know that when they trust their business with  Headlight Revolution, they're going to get the best possible outcome! We know which bulbs (HID or LED) work in the housings you've got, and if there's a problem, people know that we're here to help! Go ahead and look at some of our reviews here: Headlight Revolution Reviews

Headlight Revolution was formed to put a major focus on next-generation lighting products to really show the world what is available to them and to put it all in one place for easy viewing!

You don't have to be stuck with the status quo when it comes to your headlights or other auxiliary and forward lighting products and we want to show you how incredible your lighting experience can really become! No more outdated headlight bulbs, HID is not the ONLY option when it comes to headlights and in terms of how many Lumen you want to output in any direction the sky is the limit!

We have teamed up with the best manufacturers in the world to present to YOU the most comprehensive lighting marketplace ever!




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