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7" Round Sealed Beam Headlight Housings

Before you pick out your next 7" round sealed beam headlight housing replacements, make sure to browse our selection of available options and watch our review videos so you can pick out the ones that make the most sense for your project! Do you need HID or LED? Projector or reflector? Chrome or black? Between our review videos and customer support Headlight Revolution can help you make the best decision on your next headlight upgrade decision!

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Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 Bi-LED Headlight


SOLD INDIVIDUALLY Proprietary: The Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 is all-new, all-original from the ground up. Until now, there were basically three distinct products on the market. You have the real-deal J.W. Speaker, at the top of the totem poll. Then you have...

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Morimoto Super7 Bi-LED Headlight


  SOLD AS A PAIR   Revolutionary: The Super7 is the world first high-performance, fully modular Bi-LED replacement for all industry-standard 7″ Round Headlights. Nothing comes close to offering the same quality of light, the...

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JW Speaker

JW Speaker Model Jeep Filter Harness, 8700 H4/H13

$76.83 $68.00

SOLD INDIVIDUALLY, 8700 HEADLIGHT NOT INCLUDED H4/H13 Connector: Common for Jeeps inside America.Our Model 8700 Evolution 2 LED headlights feature an H4 connector, but domestic Jeep Wranglers use an H13 headlight. Therefore, to use the Model 8700...

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